The Halo Microchip Scanner
Cost effective - Typically around £50
Low priced so you can afford to have a
scanner in each consulting room

Scanner Angel enabled
Automatic recognition of missing animals

No batteries needed
Rechargeable via a USB cable to a laptop
or PC (Not Mac / Linux)

Ergonomically designed
Small, lightweight and robust and not
intrusive for the animal being scanned

Reads all FDX-B 15 digit and FDX-A
10 digit microchips and EM4102 chips
Will display if the 9 digit encrypted chip is
detected. The 15 digit microchip is used
almost exclusively throughout Europe.

Reads the thermo chips
Will display the temperature from the
temperature measuring BioTherm

Available in a range of colours
- Black
- White
- Blue
- Green
- Pink

Effective read range
The entire outer edge is the scanning area
so that a large scanning area is covered in
one go.