If you register your pet missing with either  
ourselves or through a number of national  
registration databases, the microchip number of  
your missing pet is sent through to the Scanner  
Angel system.  

Every Scanner Angel enabled microchip scanner,  
like the Halo scanner, is loaded with that  
microchip number the next time they connect to  
the system.

If the vet or user of that scanner then scans your  
pet, it will show on the scanner's display  
"Reported missing by" and give the organisation's  
name and phone number to contact. They will  
contact you to arrange reuniting you with your pet.

Once you are reunited with your pet, you should  
then contact the organisation to let them know  
that the animal is home safely and the microchip  
number will then be removed from the system and  
the scanners.

Scanner Angel - How it works